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MARTINI / Eastern Europe playbook

Proximity Russia

  • Challenge

    MARTINI is an Italian icon in Vermouth & Sparkling wines with a 153-year history. But the brand was trapped within drinking volume among 35+ women in traditional family get togethers & festive occasions that resulted in sales decline.

  • Solution

    MARTINI calls to spend time on the main things – meetings with friends – and helps to live such moments to the maximum, making them easy-going and joyful in Italian way with a help of Off- & On-trade solutions & activations. All of them are united in a transparent and easy for understanding playbook for sales force with the key information and a set of examples showcasing the brand in the modern aperitivo end of day bonding occasion and implementation of brand guidelines in venues. 

  • Results

    MARTINI started to successfully build aperitivo culture in East Europe and got extra volume among younger audience.