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Bacardi premium portfolio/ Gift with appreciation

Proximity Russia

  • Challenge

    Create an overarching long-term communication idea for Bacardi’s whole premium portfolio to take a niche in key retail chains in the gifting segment — with the total Europe estimated gifting market size around $87B for all categories.

  • Solution

    To create the “Gift with appreciation” advertising campaign unifying a premium range of products from different categories (rum, sparkling wine, whisky, cognacs and gins), we developed more than a simple slogan, but a new premium label, together with a visual identity based on a re-thinked gift box symbol.

    Both visual and verbal communication had to work in all kinds of situations. For materials, it had to reach from regular shelves to non-standard installations; for store formats — from convenience stores to hypermarkets and duty-free shops; from self-service activation to BTL activities. The communication had to be clear and easy to understand not just in Russia, but in the whole world: in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

  • Results

    Bacardi explored new sources of business growth in the gifting offers segment, which is the 2nd biggest shopping occasion after celebration during the Christmas / New Year period. The concept was implemented in 18 European countries and even on other overseas markets.