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  • Post-it

    The banner that makes you like banners
  • Dolmio

    Italian cuisine in 20 sec
  • InTouch

    Car vs Piano
  • Uber

  • Google

    Google Search
  • Lego

    Birthday Studio
  • Visa и ВТБ

    Saint Moscowburg
  • Bacardi

    Bacardi premium portfolio/ Gift with appreciation
  • S7 Airlines

    Social Media Support
  • InTouch

    Responsible driving
  • Skoda

  • PepsiCo

    Domik v derevne “Maslenitsa” campaign
  • Visa

    Scroll to Sochi
  • Friesland Campina

    Fruttis SMM
  • Bacardi

    MARTINI / Eastern Europe playbook
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